reason for chinese migration

The Chinese people came to the Lower East Side for a lot of reasons. For instance the Chinese wanted to take advantage of the Gold Rush of the 1840s in CA. The second reason was Chinese people wanted to help build Central Pacific Railroad.  Besides this the Chinese wanted to make enough money to return to china, build a house and marry.

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Today I began research on chinese immigration to the les. Most of the reasons for immigration were pull factors. i was surprised by the fact that Chinatown continues to grow. I am looking forward to finding out more information about chinese people.


The Importance of Memory in The Giver, by Lois Lowry

Memory is important in The Giver. Memory lets people have good or bad feelings.Another reason memory is important is because people get wisdom from their memories.  Lois Lowry gives us hints about this through the characters and plot.

Memory allows us to hove real feelings.  For instance, Jonas feels love for the first time in his life when he was in the memory of Christmas " was a word and concept new to him." (125)  another example of how memory gives us feelings is when his memory allows him to have sexual dreams.

Memory gives us wisdom.  For instance, an example in The Giver is when the Giver tells Jonas that memory "gives us wisdom." (112)  Another example in The Giver of how memory gives us wisdom is when the people never saw a plane before so they were going to shoot it down.  The Giver told them not to shoot at the airplane, because he knew that the pilot was lost.

It has been shown that memory is important in The Giver.  Memory gives us emotions. It also makes it possible of us to have wisdom. Lois Lowry put clues in The Giver to show us how memory, wisdom and feeling are important and connected.

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"Are you cheating on me??? "Shut up before I-" To me, the Lower East Side sounds like violence. Man and man fight each other.  Boyfriend and girlfriend fight each other.  There are always plenty of fights to go around.  On the Lower East Side you can see a lot of cars, some blasting music out the windows, speeding by like lightning. People are everywhere, like ants on the sidewalk. On the Lower East Side, big buildings tower over the small ones like castles.  

In the morning people feed the birds. They act like pioneers. Sometimes you can see the birds flying and chirping like they were walking and talking to each other but in their own language.  Sometimes I hear car alarms go on when somebody's car slams into another car. It sounds like it is breaking into prices. We have pets on the Lower East Side--big pets and small pets, lots of different sizes. We have dogs, cats, birds and other animals-some that we eat and some that we don't eat.

I love the Lower East Side because it feels good to live there.  Some people care for each other, and some people don't care for each other, but I feel safe on the Lower East Side because there are a lot of cops and firemen protecting us like they were superheroes.





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deat notice in a newspaper
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september 29,2008

In the book The Gun Tyray wants revenge  on Shamar, Len, Eddie ,Cedric and Darrell.Tyray wants to use the gun to scare Darrell,Len,Eddie,Cedric and Shamar with the gun that he wants to buy off of Bones. Darrell broke Tyray's  wrist in the cafeteria  floor. Shamar,Eddie,Cedric, Len,was the four boys that got there revenge on Tyray for being a big bully and picking on them.

I remember when I was in Tyray shoes. When I use to pick on kid's that was yonger then me.The kids got there  revenge on me bye telling there older brothers to beat me up.So i was planning to have all of my big cousen to beat there older brothers up.

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semptember 26,2008

     Today in The Gun Tyray was brudshing the dirt off his clothes from  the  floor that the four boys left him on.When Tyray looked up he saw an old woman gazing at him from the building that his jacket is on. I think the  the old woman is going to help Tyray to get his jacket off her building.

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to look at
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september 23,2008

Today about The Gun there was four boys that did not like Tyray . Tyray use to pick on the four boys when they were in bluford .the four boys had payback on Tyray. they held  his arms and took his jacket on put it on the roof.

I thing Tyray is going to get beat upbye the four boys the next time they see him again. Embarassed

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A guess about something, based on evidence + prior knowledge

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