Reasons for Bengali migration.


New York is a big city--so big that the Bangladeshis decided to migrate to the Lower East Side in the 1970s.  One of the reasons was to avoid political persecution.  Also, they wanted to avoid religious discrimination. The third reason was to avoid hard economical times in Bangladesh, which was still developing. The last reason was because of the over population and the subsequent poverty in their home country.



Today I began my research on Bangladeshi immigration to the L.E.S.  Most of the reasons for immigration were pull factors.   I was suprised by how many reasons there were that they came here.  I am looking forward to finding out more about why the came to the L.E.S.



"WOW! What were they talking about?" That is what I would wonder when I would see by brother, mom, cousin, aunts, uncles, and family friends sitting outside on the stoop, drinking sunburst drinks and popping dye-colored ices in their mouths. All day I would wander around my house with my moody black cat trying to find something to do (so I wouldn't do anything I'm not supposed to).

I am from Brooklyn, New York. I lived on a little street called Ashford Street, right next to a next to a train station. My old block had houses up and down the street; across the street was the same thing except there was a bodega there.  The bad things you would see in my neighborhood were kids hanging out on the street corner smoking and fighting. The good things you would see were kids playing football and playing double dutch.

With the roar of the train station upstairs and the traffic on the lower level of the street it sounded like you were tuning in on a radio.  From the pitter patter of men and women running up and down the stairs to the cyclists passing by, it sounded like someone playing the drums with their fingertips. In the afternoon the streets were quiet like a mouse.  At night the people would come out, and it would sound like a machine starting up again.  Guys would scream and yell, arguing about which rap star is best, and listen to the big radios was a party of noise that never ended.

Still, Brooklyn feels like happiness to me because I lived there ever since I was a baby. I am used to the noises because I adapted to my living environment.


Septemer 29,2008

                Today I read pages 14-20 in the book Attack of the Mutant. These pages were about Skipper and his comics. The first thing that happened was Skipper read about attack of the mutant and there was a hero inside his pink fire-hydrant like house.I also found out that Skipper's real name is Bradley.And last Skipper took a bus to go to the orthodontist but met a girl named Libby Zacks.Skipper and Liby socialized together but missed their stop to get of so now there in a strange town.

     Because making connections is so easy I can connect to three things that happened in the book today.

1. "The text says I ran across to the street to catch my bus".I can relate to that because ever time i leave my house a certain minute after the time i am suppose to leave house i end up having to run for my bus.

2. The text says" I din't like this girl i meet on the  bus." I can relate to that because there is some girls and women on the train that would sit there on the trian and conversate with you for a very long time and the would say that "oh that's a weird name"and" that is something weird to do",and i just hate that!!!!(lol).

3.The text says "were am i"? I can relate to that because there are sometimes that i would fall asleep on the bus and wake up and be like "were am i"?.

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September 26,2008

               Today I read a short passage about what happened in this book. What happened was Skipper was more and more interested in the comic book.Skipper was learning  that the masked mutant was a regular person and  he wonders were his secret headquarters was.  I can infer that Skipper must have seen this place before, because to him it seems so familiar.
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a passage in which one person speaks.


september 25,2008

       Today I read  some interesting pages.In my last response,i shared information that Skipper's dad was going to get rid of his comics, yet his dad didn't get rid of his comics.  He always says that he is going to do something to get Skipper upset yet, it doesn't work, and he never follows through.Secondly his dad returns his comics and tells him to promise him that he will work harder,and so Skipper promises.Last Skipper gets more adn more into his comics.
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proper behavior.

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September 24,2008

                  today i read about how skipper recived his comic copy of THE MASKED MUTANT.then he began reading who the masked mutant was;he was a guy who wears a mask that can shape shift into anything.then his dad told him to read the comics after he finsh his homework 3 times that week but hedin't listen so his dad says they are going in the garbage.

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             Today i am reading a new rl stine book called ATTACK OF THE MUTANT and these pages were so far interesting.first there is a kid named skippper that is really into comic books.then there is his friend that lives next door who's name is Wilson Clark and is (not the brightest kid you will ever meet) who continuisly comes over to borrow skipper's math textbook because he forgot it his at school.

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