Reasons For Jewish Migration


   The Jewish people had many reasons to leave for New York in the 1880s, just like other countries' migrants.  For example, Jewish people wanted freedom from racial and religious persecution in Europe. In addition, many came to avoid political persecution.  Besides this, America is a democracy where everyone can choose their own destiny. They wanted a better life.

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CoolToday I began research on jewish immigration to the LES..Most of the reasons for immigration were push and pull factors.  I was surprised by the fact that the Spanish tortured Jews.  I am looking forward to finding out more about Jews.



        "Que lo que!?" I'm from 153rd and Broadway all day every day; you might think it's a little DR. There are so many Dominican people. The food stores all sell Dominican food. All you hear is Dominican music loud, everywhere, like a club.  Adults on 153rd play a lot of dominos. It sounds like Dominican music blasting. The street sounds like cars in a race. It sounds like adults in a party. You can hear them laughing and singing.  It sounds like people in a basketball game.                           

          I always wanted to stay on 153rd.  I used to have fun on the block, and then I had to move to the Lower East Side.  I moved to the "Lower" because my dad started to work on 14th Street,  There are no Dominicans there, just white people.  Now I hear no music and a lot of people outside the clubs-gay, straight, you name it. Something good in Union Square is that it got all stores so I go to chill there. There are lots of girls shopping and in the park.



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A passage in which person speaks.



Proper behavior


Proper behavior


Proper behavior


     Today in the book Julian and his mom are still in Jean Paul family's house.  They're spending New Year's Eve there.  All the kids Julian's age were drinking beer.  So Jean Paul gave beer to Julian which mom got mad but he drank it. Then Julian went outside with Bernadette for a walk. They didn't kiss, but Bernadette took his hand and they were holding hands, looking at the moon.


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Glance- to look at



                    Today in the book juilan and hes mom went to meet jean pual.

All of jean paul family mebers speak french.

Which made julian and he mom feel weird.

Jalian mom put on a clown suit and panited her face and Jalian grabed the camcorder.

the family was giggling and doing polite claps.

Then she said the story of how Jean paul meet and fell in love with him. 

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